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First off I would like to say I was a customer for this company for almost 5 years and have been to most of the locations in The Metro Atlanta area. When I first arrived to Georgia from Michigan I had nothing to my name, and because of New Avenues I now have a fully furnished apartment and also been able to buy christmas gifts for members of my family using their Lease to own program. So I would not only consider my self a good customer but a loyal one. Never missed or paid late one time I have even paid things off 6 months early in some cases.

I am a *** African American male and proud of my race and sexuality. I have never felt out of place since I been in Ga, because of the high volume of not only the African American community but also the *** community, that is a stable of the Atlanta economy, Until I went to this store in Lilburn.

The way I was made feel by the manager there was as if I was not not valued as a customer and disrespected as a person. He not only insulted my race with stereotypes about credit, education, and us being the bottom of society but said the word rainbow to a male employee there. Rainbow is another term for ***.... I overheard a telephone conversation he was having while there about other people near the manager's back office that upset not only me, but also my partner. He is not African American but has had to deal with the constant bombardment of people dissaproving to the whole white and black relationship thing.

I am disapionted with New Avenues for hiring managers with these types of ignorant views to not just work there but to run a and supervise their employees and business affairs. I will never...ever... visit New Avenues in my life ever again.

My parter will be seeking legal advice from his step father who is a lawyer in San Fransico about the matter and New Avenues will definetely be hearing from us again in the future. I will also be placing my bbb complaint soon and hit all the blogs possible hope they have a FB account as well. I will make it my mission that more people hear know how they are.

On a side note other customers have also told me that this manager Jarell or Jarrett is the rudest most unprofessional person they have ever dealt with out of all of their stores. I am joining the movement and switching to rent a center from now on at least they respect me and my lifestyle. Please help me out if you think Im right by calling him @ New Avenues 4150 Lawrenceville Hwy NW, Lilburn, GA 30047-2822 (678) 252-6282.

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You are talking about Jarrod Buck and yes, he is exactly as you stated in your complaint.I have heard his comments behind the scenes, as I have worked for New Avenues in the past and know that he is also a sexist.

His Daddy works for Aaron's and he is supposedly working for New Avenues just for the experience so he can buy his own Aaron's franchise in the future.Too bad all his customers hate him and so do all his employees.

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